If you think that you can do anything in a strip club and no chains can bind you then you’re completely wrong. The strip clubs have rules and if the customers don’t follow the simple manners, it may turn into an unpleasant situation which you may not want to experience. Like other men, you should be intending to spend a wonderful time when visiting one of the most popular DFW strip clubs. For that, you should be concerned about the etiquette that the patrons are expected to obey in a strip club.

Here are the top strip club etiquettes that you should maintain

Be a patron, not a parasite

When you step into a strip club you have to spend money. Start with buying a drink and at least put a dollar as a tip after each performance whether a song or a dance. The hot waitress will expect some good tips besides the dancers and the singers in the club. At least buy two drinks and offer a cocktail to the girl who has come to you for a lap dance.

Don’t forget to hand over her minimum $5 and make her come to you. If you don’t pay the money you’ll be marked as a parasite not a patron. Always remember, because of the money each person is working there- starting from the host to the waitress besides the fascinating dancers.

Don’t expect Sex or Date with the Girls

The strippers are there to entertain the customers with their sensual dancing. That’s it! You can’t expect them to get intimate with you and give in to your desires. Neither should you ask her out for a date. You shouldn’t ask for their phone numbers to ask them out for a coffee date or anything else. That’s not what you should approach to a stripper.

You should take a shower and enter the club cleanly

Women prefer to entertain the tidy guys. Make sure you don’t have bad odor or haven’t bathed before entering the club. They’ll technically avoid a lap dance if you are odorous. So before going there take a shower, wear washed clothes and have a peppermint in your mouth. Yes, wear some nice deodorant or perfume to impress the ladies.

If you wish to have the best seat even in a crowded place, befriend with the VIP host and tip him/her well for anything good you want in the strip club.

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