If you are a man who has never been to a strip club, we recommend that you think of this as an experience. Strip clubs, for the uninitiated, are also called adult clubs or gentlemen’s clubs, and the overall ambience and services remain the same. The quality of adult entertainment in the Bay Area has improved considerably in recent years, and for maximum entertainment, we recommend the following rules.

Get a table, if you can

Most strip clubs have tables and special VIP booths and rooms, which can be booked exclusively for a group of people. While this can be expensive, this is a good way of having strippers for your personal engagement. You can also expect to get bottle service, special food menus, and attention of the waiters and bartenders, even on busy weekends.

Consider a weekday

Weekends are fun, but also busy, which is why we recommend that you visit on a weekday, especially if this is your first visit. Secondly, make sure that you check for special hours, weekday events and booze deals, which can help you save more. Many strip clubs also have free entry on selected days of the week.

Take adequate cash

Plastic money is still not welcome in many strip clubs, and we recommend that you have enough cash, not just for the strippers, but also for bartenders and waiters. You will also have to pay for a few services in cash at most places. A good example of that would be a lap dance, and if you request a special song, add more money for that too.

Be good to the strippers

Most people don’t take strippers seriously, but eventually, these are women doing their job. If you want them to come close, offer a lap dance and be good to you and your friends, always treat them with respect. If you don’t want a dance, say no politely, and if you want one, ask them softly for that too.

Lastly, make sure that you are ordering food and booze time and again, because that’s how strip clubs make money. If you don’t like a stripper, you don’t have to tip them, but when you choose to tip, make sure that it’s enough. It depends completely on the place you are visiting. Paying a $1 at an upscale club is not a good idea. Not to forget, have fun and let go of your inhibitions. That’s the best way to have fun.

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