Strip clubs can be compared with a temple however the difference is that instead of a religious icon, here you will find booze and beautiful women. Like any temple, here too there are certain rules that you need to observe otherwise there are bouncers who will handle you in appropriate manner.

Behave like a gentleman

While you are at any strip club, you must behave like a gentleman. You should never behave in a rude manner to any dancer, waitress, DJ and most certainly with a bouncer, as they are capable of hurting you. Often the scene can become ugly if you try to take liberty with any stripper or other females present in the strip club. While buying a bottle at the nightclub, you must behave in a gentle manner with the waitress.

You must tip if you sit in the front row

It is considered bad manners if you happen to sit in the front row and do not offer any tip. There is every chance that the strippers may use some uncharitable comment on you which can be very embarrassing too. You must understand that these dancers in the strip club make their earning through the tips that are offered to them and that is why they are entertaining you with their looks and attractive figure. Therefore, not tipping the dancers can become a very serious matter.

Do not demand for sex

You must remember that these strippers are there to entertain you. You cannot expect that they will oblige you for physical intimacy if you demand. However, few of them may be ready for it, but you should not take any chance when you are in the strip club. You must keep this in mind before you order your drink and make sure that after couple of drinks, you should not lose your balance and talk dirty.

Do not ask for any drugs

Neither should you ask any striper or the employee to get you any kind of drug. Firstly, it is illegal to take drugs and you never know as there could be policemen in plain clothes around. Secondly, even if you succeed to obtain drugs through any of them then there are chances that you will fake drugs at exorbitant price.

Always come with proper dress

Most of these strip clubs have proper dress code and if you are not properly dressed then you will be denied entry.

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