Not every bachelorette party has to indulge naked men, shot glasses adorned on the neck and the flashy gear reading Team Bride. But, nit every bachelorette party has to seem like a boring tea party for ladies. The best party hangs somewhere in between. It is a precisely choreographed concoction of wholesome enjoyable time and debaucherous at the same time. Are you in charge of planning the party? Here is how to get it done properly.


  1. Take charge

Once you have decided the venue of the party, you can begin planning the party by bluntly asking the bride on what is her top-most priority and what is totally off-limits for her. You may find yourself surprised to find out her wildest desires doesn’t include bar-hopping, or your conventional friend just wants to be pampered by wearing a sash and a tiara the whole time. You may also be tempted to enquire all the other attendees for party ideas or preferences. You might want to consider this with discretion. While you are sharing the planning with one trusted friend to another, or the bridesmaid can be proven helpful, but planning by committee can prove itself to be a nightmare. Unless and until you are going to plan some desperately wild activities that might freak out any guests, always keep an assumption that the bride’s friends will concur to anything you can cook up.

  1. Budget thoughtfully

You might want to reach out to the committee with an estimated budget for the festivities and request the people to get in touch with you individually if they have any concerns. With all might and reason, align your plans in such a way that it fits the smallest budget. From this point, one of the simplest ways to handle the money is to ask every one of the attendees to pay the host up front for every kind of bridesmaid activities like hotel, food, conveyance, decorations etc. for the Las Vegas bachelorette packages you have wisely chosen. This helps is avoiding all kind of awkward moments right away.

  1. Throw in some fun stuff

While the big stuff is underway, you can start filling in the details. You can begin with the basics like meal and venue and any particular activities like:

  1. Spa

You can choose to go all relaxed which is a perfect choice for the overworked bride or for some after-a-night-out recuperation. You can also go for a full spa day. You can schedule mani-pedis, while munching a day before hitting a beach or a blowout, or makeup etc. If you are conscious about the budget, you can also go for a DIY spa night like you used to when you were kids.

  1. Photo ops

There is no bachelorette party without the photo ops. You can work up some sly decorations, gifts or props that are bound to bring up loads of idea for your Instagram profile. Begin with the decorations that can serve as a great backdrop for group photos. Gift the attendees with matching costumes or props and have someone dress as a bride with some cheesy props. You can also go all crafty like creating flower crowns for the weekend.

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