Have you decided to elope to keep your wedding simpler and more intimate? If so, this means you want to free yourself of the stress that often comes with a big wedding. But, just because you decided to have a private wedding does not mean you should give you all the fan part. Get elopement tips in this article.

Stick to your Wedding Vision

Elopement ceremonies vary. Perhaps you want yours to be at the beach or at a local court house. No matter where you choose to hold your ceremony, it should be great. As with conventional wedding, your elopement ceremony should be an intimate moment that brings the two of you together for life.

Take Care of the Legalities

After deciding to elope, call you county clerk to know the marriage requirements in your area. They can give you information that can help you plan your elopement, from the qualification of an officiating officer to any important forms that you need to submit. But, an elopement ceremony does not have to be just a city hall thing. You can make it symbolic by having it in any place you want.

Include Traditional Details if you Want

Usually, people think that an elopement is budget-friendly, simple affair. While they can surely be, you can also wear a beautiful wedding dress, have a gorgeous bouquet, and have a wedding cake. These days, elopements are just smaller events that can have traditional details or not.

Announce the Wedding after the Ceremony

A number of families have no problem with their family members getting married with just their partner. However, others may not understand your decision and cannot let of go of the idea of a grand wedding. If you have eloped and you wish to tell the news to your family and friends, explain your desire to have an intimate event. After telling them, send out announcements to your bigger circles of friends and distant relatives. Know that wedding announcements are not invitations. While people can give you gifts if they want, they are not socially expected to send one.

Ensure you Both Agree in your Plans

As elopements are beyond the ordinary, you and your partner must be on the same page. Weddings should be about what you two want. If necessary, compromise on things such as the guest list and details to ensure things work for both of you.

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