Strip clubs are there to entertain people. But it doesn’t mean men should go rowdy and showcase their rowdy attitude and grope the dancing girls out there. It’s not cool. There are some etiquettes that customers are expected to follow in a strip club. When you are visiting San Francisco speakeasy strip clubs make sure- you’re aware of the etiquettes.

Here are the top 5 rules you must maintain in a strip club—

Chain your desperation

You shouldn’t flaunt your desperation towards the beautiful women dancing on the stage. It’s not at all impressive when men drool over beautiful women even when they’re dancing sensually. Take it sportingly even when a beautiful woman show interest in sitting on your lap for a dedicated lap dance as a mark of thanks for offering her a nice tip. You should be lenient over tipping the host as well as the waitress.

Be polite to the staff

Showing politeness doesn’t require money but it’s the best attitude men should keep for befriending with the staff in the strip club. Though honestly they are all professionals out there least bothered how you talk to them, all they need is good tips. You befriend with the VIP host by tipping him well and get the best seat, or you can also get the service for finding the right girl that you want to perform.

Don’t be rowdy and grope girls

You shouldn’t be groping the girl even if you take interest in same-sex intimation. Girls are not there for groping. You should maintain the parameters and just enjoy the performance.

It’s a strip club, not a sex-club

Always remember the exotic dancers at the strip clubs or even the gentlemen’s clubs are only to lure you with their sensual dance performance. You can’t expect them to be welcoming for your physical urges. They’re not there to make out with you. For that, you have to consult with an escort service. You can also not ask for their phone numbers or want them to go out for a date.

Freshen up before going

The beautiful strippers want their customers to be tidy. Make sure you haven’t reached there for a lap dance straight from work. Even if you do, freshen up or apply some deodorant before entering the clubs. Usually, dancers avoid lap dancing on smelly men.

So, follow these rules before entering popular strip clubs.

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