When you kill the ball down in the middle of the fairway when your friends are around surely might be a lot of fun, but if you don’t have an appropriate short game, then your score will suffer no matter how far you hit it. There are many people at the driving range hitting the balls with their clubs and the chipping areas are usually vacant in every year round golf areas, which is a good sign. Particularly if you are going low. So, grab your clubs, head to the practice area and always keep in mind these golf chipping tips for scoring better.

  1. Always stand closer to the ball

Standing too far from the ball can land you in a lot of trouble with a short club. You aren’t hitting a drive or an iron short, so adjust by all means. Give yourself 10 inches from your toes to the ball. This gives you a good position to hit the ball and assist you in avoiding those duffs and chunks. And this is also the most essential golf chipping tip ever!

  1. Choke down

As you will be closer to the ball, adjust your grip well too. Or else you will find it hard to make a consistent contact. Poor contact always kills a chip quicker. As a matter of fact, many professionals suggest using your putting grip to chip. This tends to add a better feel to the stroke and let you ensure that the clubface is always square on contact.

  1. Mind your weight

When using a driver or an iron, always have a balanced and athletic stance that lets you sweep the ball. Chipping is a different aspect entirely. In order to make good contact, always shift your weight to the forward leg. If playing the ball farther back in your stance, when you shift your weight forward, it will help in creating a steeper downswing. And it is always better when speaking of chipping. It also helps in popping the ball up and letting it run out in the direction of the hole.

  1. Always choose the right club

Always be wary about your position as well. Not every chip needs the same club to work. Always take note of what you want to do. If you want to chip it softly over a bunker or have a lot of green and no obstacles in front of you, then always choose a high lofted club so the ball goes high and lands without any roll. For the other, if you choose a lower lofted club like a seven iron, always keep the ball close to the ground like a putt. Try to practice many situations to find a better chipper.

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